November 8th, 2016 I was crying by myself in a hotel bar as I watched Donald Trump win the presidency.  I can still recall the dread I felt about waking up the next day, knowing for the next four years I’d be living in the reality that Trump is president.

The next few weeks I felt like I was reeling with the implications of what could happen. I was also simultaneously amazed by the surge in action I witnessed from my peers and community. There were protests, rallies, people planning senator calling parties, people deciding to RUN for senator, and people planning 5k races!

A few weeks later I was mulling over what I could do to make an impact using my particular skill set. I had noticed several 5k's to benefit Planned Parenthood that were planned for the Inauguration weekend. Then, I had this *aha* moment where I realized I can do that too! Obviously Planned Parenthood is going to need support for a long time!

I scrambled to message all my friends in Seattle and introduce the idea of planning a 5k.

And to my surprise, they all said yes.

And to our surprise, about two months after we started planning, you all said yes.

You all said yes so many times that we sold out, we asked the city for more spots, and then the 5k sold out again!

With your help, and the help of our generous sponsors, we raised $31,982 for Planned Parenthood.

I’m so proud of the event and the impact that money will have at Planned Parenthood.

We are still very fired up about what’s going on in this country. We have chosen action over apathy and have decided to hold a second annual March On 5k. This year, we want to make an even bigger impact, so we asked the city of Seattle for an additional 1,500 participant spots. And they said yes!

That means we could raise over $60,000 for Planned Parenthood this year.

We want you to attend this event and experience the joy we did last year.

But if 5k’s are not for you, that’s totally fine. Our paramount belief that has evolved from this 5k is that anyone can make a difference in the world. We urge you to figure out what you are passionate about and go out there and do something about it!

We can’t wait for the 5k, March On!

— Written by our very own Race Director, Celeste Banks